Simplify your franchise onboarding processes with eKYC. Automate store compliance, connect with Retail PoS, manage contracts, and AP/AR. Don't let manual processes dent profits from franchisees.

Companies manage over 5,000 outlets with Hubler

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Ready to 2X your franchising operations?


Even if your onboarding process is complex, you can streamline it with Hubler. So simple that you can onboard on a mobile app.

Vendor eKYC

Verify company and individual details right within Hubler with eKYC. No need to outsource verification.


Maintain complex contracts and abstract data from them. Hold franchisees accountable for AP/AR with automated alerts.

Compliance Tracking

Track franchisee compliance to local regulations and your own SOPs with our configurable compliance module.

Accounts Receivable

Monitor and automate calculation of ARs from franchisees based on individual contract terms. Hubler connects with retail PoS.

Financial Reporting

Get reports for assets, depreciation, sales, fees, licenses, etc. Hubler connects with all accounting software.

The 2X franchising software

Franchising software that works for COCO, FOFO, and FOCO models

Software that gives HQ full visibility into the chain

Seamlessly connect with your existing tools for accounting and retail PoS

Add-on CRM and franchisee portals for end-end operational efficiency

3 reasons why companies 💙 Hubler's 2X Franchise Management software

More revenue

Hubler matches PoS data with invoices, GST, and contract terms to generate payment alerts. No more AR leakage or delays.

30% faster

Onboard, verify, and get stores operational much faster with app-based approval workflows and automation.

100% visibility

HQ gets full visibility into the entire chain, whether it is 5 stores or 5000. Know which franchisees are not performing and fix.

There is a 4th reason...

Easily add Hubler Sales CRM & Franchise Portal to win franchising performance awards!

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