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Our all-in-one software simplifies lease management by providing a single platform for lease administration, accounting, and landlord management

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From complicated IFRS 16 calculations to full and final Settlements, LeasO takes care of all

automate rental payment for lease management

Customize contract management

Need to verify the lease contract with your legal team before sharing? Want to add additional approvals when the lease agreement is updated?

Personalize it all with just a few clicks.

hubbler platform to manage utility bill payments

Take care of utility bill payments, minus the hassle

Manage utility payments for your property from anywhere. Schedule payment reminders, automatically send bills to tenants, make one-click payments with LeasO.

tas manager app for lease management

Map lease data

Centralize and leverage all data with LeasO. Map owner data to property, property data to lease IDs, lease IDs to contracts without any manual effort.

hubbler platform to schedule reminders for lease management

Schedule critical date alarms

Forgetting about lease renewal options, termination rights, rent escalation can become a costly mistake. Schedule reminders in LeasO and get notified at the right time.

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Automate rental payments

With LeasO, lessees collect rent
without manually creating rent templates.
Automatically generate and send rent receipts. Provide multiple payment options.

Streamline lease accounting
& compliance

Automate payments, creating invoices with complex tax calculations (including IFRS 16
and AS 116) generating payment receipts, and more with LeasO.

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Check Accounting Accuracy

Perform Accounting accuracy checks instantly so you can ensure an error-free experience for your stakeholder.

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Intelligent Accounting

LeasO take care of all your leases and performs accurate accounting no matter how complex the case


Connect all systems with APIs

Verify legal credentials like GST, PAN, social
security, credit score, bank accounts via penny checks. Streamline payments by connecting with your bank accounts, cards, and POS systems. Use any external API with LeasO.

LeasO - FAQs

What is a lease management software?

Lease management software helps organizations manage their real estate leases, including the tracking of rent payments, lease renewals, and other important lease-related information. The software provides an efficient and centralized method for organizing and tracking lease information, making it easier for organizations to make informed decisions about their real estate holdings.

Benefits of having a lease management software?

Lease Management Software Digitises your entire lease and contract workflow. Manual paperwork for property and lease management has a huge margin of error and slows down the entire operation. specially the repeating tasks. Lease management software can help you cut through the noise and automate all the grunt work and give you a better view of your Lease contracts and your stakeholders!

Can I connect LeasO with my ERP?

Yes. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll do it for you.
LeasO helps you stay connected and pull data from legacy ERPs. So you can get things done under a single hood.

Does LeasO have auditing and reporting capabilities for lease and finance agreements?

Yes, the software has auditing and reporting capabilities for lease and finance agreements.

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