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Manage millions of assets with a single app

Inventory Management, Asset Allocation, Asset Maintenance and Software Subscription Management. Hubler lets you manage all of it using a single app.

Customize everything using no-code controls

  • Shape the app’s workflow, choose the features and set the rules
  • Customize names, fields and units to suit your business’s unique needs
  • Change anything, at any time, without writing a single line of code

Identify assets with our mobile QR Code scanner

A simple scan tells you everything about your asset - It’s current owner, date of purchase, transfer history, service history and more

Generate new QR codes from the app in seconds. Bring all your existing assets into our QR code framework in a single working day

Boost accountability by maintaining detailed records for each asset

When was it purchased? Who sold it to you? Who was its last owner? When was it last serviced? Does it have an AMC? Is it time to retire the asset?

Answer all these questions and more with a single glance

    Create custom approval workflows for different scenarios

    Replace email-based approvals with our intelligent approval flows. Create approval flows with different approvers for different scenarios. Use automation to trigger the right workflow, at the right time

    Manage annual maintenance contracts and ensure regular servicing

    Get regular reports to remind you about upcoming service schedules. Make sure your vendors honor their service contracts on time. Create inspection flows to let your teams inspect your assets in a systematic manner

    Approve, Request and Receive using our Mobile App

    Perform multiple core functions using our mobile app. Approve, reject or comment on requests with a few clicks. Create complex requests in seconds. Receive goods by recording items and delivery slips

    Calculate depreciation for thousands of assets with zero human effort

    In-built Depreciation Management module.
    Customize depreciation parameters for different asset classes. Get regular depreciation reports at designated intervals. Integrate depreciation values into your accounting system with a single-click

    A tool that feels easy and natural

    See why 100+ companies use Hubler

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