Expense Management software that adapts to your business

Manage your expenses your way

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Make it your own

  • Reshape the app for your business with our no-code App Studio
  • Customize fields, units and terminology
  • Shape the workflow to suit your business process
  • Set the rules to regulate your processes at scale
  • Give your teams an app that fits their needs like a glove

File Expenses in 5 Seconds or Less

  • Scan and upload receipts using our mobile apps
  • Enrich it with additional expense information
  • Click “Submit” and let it slide through the approval workflow
  • Create templates for frequently repeated expenses like fuel

Automatically pull expenses from a variety of sources

  • Upload bills in seconds from your phone or computer
  • Use GPS to automatically calculate fuel expenses for field teams
  • Integrate with your internal travel expense portals for automated expense filing
  • A single repository for all your expense documents, records and data

Configure budgets and protocols across your organisation

Set up budgets for different designations and functions, define protocols for different kinds of transactions, modify budgets and rules on the fly. Also, use access controls to grant or retract privileges to different users and enable pre-approved spending budgets for select designations or users

    Easily design approval flows for every kind of transaction

    Use the "Flow Builder" to create different approval flows. Designate the right approvers for each scenario. Add custom rules and conditions for easy regulation. Automatically trigger the right approval flows based on user inputs. Designate alternate approvers to avoid delays. Set up automatic escalation mechanisms for TATs

    Sync approved expenses with your accounting software instantly

    Hubler works well with Xero, Quickbooks and string of other accounting suites.

    Auto-sync expenses all expenses with your company books

    Integrate Hubler with your banking partner for instant reimbursements post approval

    Save your accounting team 1000s of hours on manual data entry work
    Radically speed up your reimbursement cycles overnight

    In-depth analytics, customizable dashboards and report subscriptions

    • Visualize your expense data on beautiful dashboards
    • Fully customize your dashboard to focus on the KPIs that matter
    • Drill down on specific data points for a granular view
    • Allow users to subscribe to automated reports
    • Track and optimize TAT across processes and approval flows

    Set business rules and budgets for everyone in your organization

    • Use our no-code dashboard to set business rules
    • Gain full control over your process by setting business rules for each scenario/purchase type
    • Define specific budgets for each designation and department
    • Track budgets and spends across teams in real time

    A tool that feels easy and natural

    See why 100+ companies use Hubler

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