No-Code App Builders: The 9 High-Performance Platforms of 2023

June 17, 2022
Vinay Agrrawal

No-code, a platform that began as a tool to ease software development, is rapidly concretizing its position in the market today.

In addition to eliminating the need to write software from scratch, no-code and low-code platforms also help developers unleash boundless creativity in their projects.

The trend is evidenced by widespread studies and reports by reputable media houses as well. Bloomberg reported that the low-code and no-code app development methodology is predicted to govern 65% of all app development activity by 2024.

These numbers are also justifiable realistically, considering the time, cost, and effort savings that result from using no-code and low-code platforms for app development.

If your business is ready to reduce the software/app development time by up to 90%, it is time to get familiar with a few dark horses of this industry. Let’s read about the nine most underrated no-code development platforms of 2022.

9 Best No-Code Platforms to Consider in 2023

Aside from the most popular software out there, there are quite a few great low-code and no-code platforms that are underrated.

Let’s take a look at nine such no-code app builders now:

1. Adalo

Adalo is a unique no-code app builder platform that focuses on front-end development. This platform allows you to build apps that have intuitive, fluid user interfaces that correspond well with your visualizations.


  • Drag and drop modules to help build a user interface easily
  • Interact with backend functionalities using “Actions” that work like on-page logic
  • Can integrate with other APIs
  • Push notification capabilities
  • Database in spreadsheet format

You can get access to Adalo’s flexible platform for just $50 per month as a starter.

2. AppGyver

AppGyver is a no-code platform that touts itself as the first professional platform for no-code development. It allows you to build your required app only once and utilize the same package on all sorts of devices – laptops, mobiles, tablets, and even the television.


  • Component-based functionality that lets you cherry-pick the user interface elements
  • Storyboard your logic flow using a visual logic builder that lets you work with parameters and variables without coding
  • The platform also offers the capability to build native apps and theme engines

You can get started on AppGyver for free.

3. Hubler

Hubler is a truly unique solution that allows for the creation of enterprise apps with custom workflows using absolutely no code for development.


  • Hubler offers high integrability with various incumbent apps and APIs, like web services, payment gateways, legacy systems, and more. You can either build your own connectors or access one from third parties
  • The software lets you automate all the repetitive tasks of app development, like approval workflows and communications
  • The platform supports building cross-platform software for the web, iOS, and Android

You can sign up for a free trial on Hubler any day.

4. Bravo Studio

If you wish to focus on developing apps for Android and iOS, Bravo Studio is a great no-code platform. Until now, this platform has assisted the publishing of over 1,000 native apps using its frontend-focused platform.


  • Capability to design apps with software like Figma or Adobe XD
  • Capability to work with your own backend solution based on REST API – whether custom or third-party
  • Capability to connect your app with real data

You can begin using Bravo studio at a humble €19 per month.

5. Bubble

If you are new to the no-code world, Bubble offers you access to a large no-code community you can tap into for information and resources.


  • Create prototypes before deploying technical resources.
  • Create front-end applications in a matter of hours.
  • Inbuilt deployment hosting that allows your business to scale at will.
  • Navigate social resources like marketplaces, integrations, forums, and agencies through Bubble.

You can start using Bubble for $29 a month.

6. Draftbit

Draftbit is a unique no-code browser-based platform – you can access the dashboard through your web browser.


  • High customizability of the app, including advanced properties, custom code, and themes
  • Real-time preview functionality to see every change you make
  • Assistance with App store review and publishing with help from an onboard team of App store veterans

Draftbit is available on a subscription basis for $19 a month.

7. Thunkable

Thunkable focuses on helping you create mobile-based native applications without having to use any code at all.


  • Over 50 design components, easy animation capabilities
  • Inbuilt compliance checks for publishing platforms like Google and Apple
  • Create truly native apps meant to be run on mobile with dedicated functionalities and features

Thunkable offers you all of this at a mere $13 a month.

8. UI Bakery

Much like the name suggests, this no-code software allows your business to create utility and tools using its no-code platform.


  • Allows you to work with the tools you already own by configuring SQL queries and API requests
  • Share HTTP requests with a simple interface
  • Secure vault functionality for storing API requests
  • JavaScript allows you to connect everything even if the formats don’t match

UI Bakery can be accessed for $10 per month.

9. Retool

Retool is another no-code platform that allows you to build your own business tools. The learning curve is relatively flat; this app has a top-ranking user base, including that of Amazon, Doordash, and Pinterest.


  • Assemble your user interface from scratch using building blocks like lists, tables, maps, etc.
  • Allows connection to various databases that run on REST, GraphQL, or gRPC APIs

Retool is available for use at $10 a month.

Wrapping Up

The utility and success of no-code platforms are demonstrated well by IBM.

One of their employees improved the process execution efficiency by 80% using a custom no-code bot. Other employees followed suit and created their own custom bots for easing day-in and day-out processes at the firm, resulting in reduced human errors and processing of over 700 payments in a day.

Your business, too, can gain tangible benefits from deploying a no-code solution. Pick from the list above, and experience the difference.

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A solution that simplifies your complex workflows.
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Asset management
Asset Management Solution that adapts to your business.
Expense management
Manage your expenses your way
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