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How this recreational centre manages over 5000 assets using Hubler

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About the company

They are a recreational centre for families based in Bangalore, India and sits in the heart of the country's start-up hub. The club is a large property that offers its guests a wide array of facilities and amenities. It includes everything from a swimming pool, to courts of tennis and shuttle, a cinema hall, a day spa, multiple banquet halls, a bar and a large number of well maintained suites for guests who want to extend their stay.

5000 assets
25,000 data points
1 location
The Business Process

Given that the club offers so many services to its patrons, it has a large list of assets to maintain and service through out the year. The total number of assets in their books is a little over 5000 units. The list included everything from soap dispensers to storage units, to IT equipment and gardening tools. The facilities team of the club was responsible for managing these assets. Their work comprised of 5 key activities.


Spreadsheets resulted in more pain than productivity

The team managed over 5000 assets using spreadsheets. Each asset came paired with over 5 points of data, which resulted in incredibly long and heavy spreadsheets. Navigating each sheet became hard and finding specific data became harder. Accidental clicks and key presses resulted in mistakes, often resulting in the loss of important pieces of data. The process also lacked accountability, since multiple users worked on the sheets regularly, making it hard to find out who had done what.


Identifying individual assets was tough business

The team found it hard to identify assets physically. For example, if they came across a keyboard or a table, they would rarely have specific information on that unit. Instead, their records contained information on each batch of keyboard purchases. Owing to this, it was often hard to learn more about the service history of a single asset or to figure out to whom the asset had been allotted to in the past. These problems reduced accountability greatly and made it hard for the facilities team to manage their large inventory of assets.


Lack of accountability with smaller assets

The facilities team faced an acute pain when it came to managing smaller assets that were hard to keep track of. For instance, items like dustbins, storage containers or trolleys were moved around the club constantly. They changed hands between different teams, and even external vendors, on a weekly basis, which made it very hard to keep track of them. Since they were constantly being moved around and changing hands, these micro assets were often lost and misplaced.


Managing annual service contracts for hundreds of assets was painful

The club had to ensure that each guest's experience was perfect. This meant that the facilities team had to check, service and replace assets on time, across the facility, so that guests enjoyed a seamless experience when they wanted to avail a service at the club. But the list of assets that required quarterly or annual maintenance was enormous. Not only did the team have to ensure that vendors honoured their Annual Maintenance Contracts by servicing assets on time, they also had to systematically run checks across the club on a monthly basis to check on the condition of key assets. For example, during a typical check, the team would test air conditioners, projectors in conference rooms, sporting equipment, generators across the facility, facilities at the day spa, amenities in each suite and dozens of items at the gym, among others. Running these monthly checks using a spreadsheet was largely confusing and frustrating.

Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in less than a week. Our processing time is now 60% faster and everything is approved on time. Our team likes using the slick mobile app and our vendors love the self-serve portal.

Tony Fernandes
CIO, DreamSoft

Smarter App,
An app solely customised for the club's asset management needs

The club was able to work with Hubler to build an app that was perfect for their needs. They were able to shape the app's workflow to suit their process, which gave them software that felt easy and familiar to their team. They were also able to choose all the features that they required from Hubler massive library.

They were also able to set up automated approvals flows that would be triggered for different scenarios. And setup business rules, which allowed admins to govern large volumes of activities more efficiently. Thanks to the app, the team had a clean and clear view of all their assets via a clean and clear interface that was designed to find information quickly and manage volumes with ease.

Unique QR codes for each asset, quick scans via mobile app

Hubler brought in a QR code system to make it easy to identify assets. Each time the club added a new asset into the app, Hubler would automatically generate a unique ID for it along with a QR code.

This QR code could be printed out and stuck on the asset. So when someone wanted to learn more about an asset, they would simply have to scan it with their mobile app. Once they did this, they could get all information related to the asset: purchase info, service history, which user it had been allotted to, and more.

Intelligent tracking of the flow of assets across teams and vendors

Thanks to the widespread use of QR code labelling across their 5000+ assets, they were now able to easily track assets of every size or volume with absolute ease. When an asset was being handed over to another team or third party, the transaction was quickly logged onto the Hubler app with a quick scan and a few clicks, which allowed for a neat record of the movement of the asset. This feature boosted accountability of assets and ensured that assets were almost never lost or misplaced ever again.

Powerful automation to manage servicing needs and routine check-ups

Hubler's automation reminded the facilities team about upcoming servicing obligations of their vendors on a weekly basis. This ensured that they were able to call up the right vendors, at the right time, and remind them to ensure that they met their servicing obligations. The club was also able to create a dedicated workflow for routine check-ups, which made the task an extremely simple one. Facility members would have to simply check an asset, input their data into the app with a few clicks, and move on to the next asset on the checklist that was assigned to them.

Bonus: The club opted in for Hubler's Depreciation module, which allowed them to automatically calculate depreciation for their assets across different categories. This saved their accounts team plenty of time and gave them accurate depreciation numbers year on year.

2 Hours

Time saved per employee, per week

102%  Higher

Efficiency in getting assets services on time

2 seconds

 Time taken to identify an asset and check its records

48 Hours

Time taken to hyper-customize the solution to suit their desired workflow

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Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in less than a week. Our processing time is now 60% faster and everything is approved on time. Our team likes using the slick mobile app and our vendors love the self-serve portal.

Tony Fernandes
CIO, DreamSoft
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