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How this leading farm-to-fork company streamlined its Procurement using Hubler

About the company

The above-mentioned is a well-known brand dealing exclusively in quality meats of all kinds online: white meat, red meat, seafood, cold cuts, and ready-to-cook meats, among others.

Since its inception, the brand has garnered immense favor in over 16 Indian cities and is currently headquartered in Bangalore. It functions today with a workforce of over 3,000 employees.

They were in need of a centralized solution for their vendor-side operations.

3k employees
16 Indian cities
The Process

Being a Fast-growing organization with significant Customer traction they already had a well-oiled system in place for meat procurement. However, the story plays out a little differently for their seafood business. Seafood is an item of high perishability; it absolutely needs to be procured from the docks on a daily basis.

Making procurements efficient by buying the right quantities at the right price and having them delivered to the right processing plant had many factors which were not just difficult to manage but expensive too

The Seafood procurement was being managed via Whatsapp, Google forms, phone calls, emails, etc to ensure all bids were considered before placing orders... before they get sold out elsewhere.  Each order had to be evaluated at the Processing plants to ensure quality and wastage are accounted for against that Vendor. However, as the demand scaled, they felt the need for a more comprehensive, centralized control to watch over vendor processes like daily bids, orders, feedback, product, quality, etc

Order Mangement

For the procurement of fresh seafood, they had all their conversations with vendors over WhatsApp. Placing orders initially was simple when the total number of vendors wasn't high – they would place orders over WhatsApp, then manually go on to make entries on Excel and share the same internally.

Daily Bid Management

Bidding for seafood also happened over WhatsApp; as the vendors grew, it became difficult to manage them over a chat window. Seafood is a sensitive matter, and the life and quantity of different species is different and mostly unknown. Accounting for so many vendors, it was a hassle to manage bids over WhatsApp.

Vendor Management

Additionally, they were facing difficulties verifying vendors when they were newly onboarded to WhatsApp. Besides, it took a lot of effort to connect vendor information with the vendor since WhatsApp's chat platform couldn't sustain the scale to which they had grown. There was also the need to track vendor performance (in case of order history, bid values, delivery rates, etc.) which had to be necessarily factored in manually on Excel sheets before they could be shared.

The Hubler Solution

So, Hubler provided a no-code platform, which was customized for their needs with key capabilities:

Capability to plug and play customized modules that tweaked current processes
Easy, hassle-free scalability
Democratization and centralization of all procurement data
No-code ensured minimal training or technical skill


Earlier, they had been facing difficulties onboarding, profiling, and managing their seafood vendors, since everything was done over WhatsApp. The inherent limitations of the application prevented them from scaling up.

Hubler's solution offered a single platform for them to interact with its vendors. Now, they could simply enter vendor details to create a vendor profile, after which the vendor could access the Hubler Application Vendors could easily log in to  Hubler, submit their bids, and review them instead of scrolling endlessly on WhatsApp chat windows. The Hubler solution was more organized.

Not only did this solve the problem of fishing for vendor information, but it also ironed out the creases in vendor onboarding and verification.

Automation of

Hubler's no-code platform makes it possible for the vendors to enter all the bid details easily. It is as easy as designing a bid, logging in to the Hubler platform, entering the details, and sending the bid to them. With this solution, vendors now have the flexibility to review their bids and make modifications in case negotiations are done.

On the buyer side, this process is completely automated. They don't have to keep track of individual bid prices or enter them manually. The approval process can be automated by defining the qualifying parameters and negotiation workflow. There is minimum back and forth, and a lot of time is saved.

Visibility in Order

It was inefficient and problematic to keep track of order information across multiple chats in WhatsApp for multiple vendors. The entire process was manual and had to be fed into Excel sheets every single day. Hubler's solution helped them gather this scattered, siloed data onto a centralized, automated platform. This worked to provide two massive benefits to them:

  • Eliminated the need to manually enter data onto Excel sheets and then share them across the organization.

  • Created a central hub where all order data is stored and updated automatically, democratizing the information for all the departments concerned.

Empowered Decisions
with Accurate Data

With automation of the bidding process and a centralized data repository, Hubler's solution made it possible for the decision-makers to confidently proceed with strategies – they were now backed by solid data that was always updated and synchronized across the organization. Visibility on vendor performance pertaining to delivery rates, pricing, quality of seafood, etc., helped them take better decisions on vendor relationships. Additionally, since all the bid and vendor data was now centralized and accessible, the chances of missing out on important information while taking decisions were ruled out completely.


Hubler enabled them to successfully track the performance of each of its vendors individually against certain key performance metrics that could be readily accessed on the dashboard. They are now able to track parameters like product quality, vendor feedback by Processing plants, order delivery, GRNs, etc. The interface also allows scoring the vendors based on how they perform on said parameters – this process is also automated. The score is an average value derived from the order decision-making process and doesn't require human intervention. This would be a transparent factor for negotiations and to ensure the best quality of produce is ordered and received regularly.This enabled them to address one of its key problems that was related to vendor performance tracking: it went one step further by assigning a score to the vendors, enabling the decision-makers to retain the quality partners while identifying the underperformers.

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