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How this interior design firm seamlessly set up its Design arm with Hubler

About the company

They are India's leading interior design outfit creating aesthetically exceptional spaces since 2015. They have designed over 5,000 homes across India and gained features in excess of 30 popular design publications spanning the globe.

The founders have a slew of accolades themselves, amounting to over two decades of experience together. Their vision has made them the most trusted interior design brand in India.

They are planning to launch an exclusive wardrobe design arm, and it requires assistance for the backend processes and workflow of their website.

2 lakh delivery partners
500 cities
5000 employees
The Process

They recently launched a new project which dealt with providing their clients with custom-designed wardrobes. They had a set process for the same: they initially intended to run a pilot task which would help them gain a rough idea of the scope of a project and its execution and timelines, among other aspects.

Since they are an interior design portal based online, their website serves as the primary façade for the clients and customers. The same applies to their exclusive wardrobe design arm, which was in dire need of a streamlined, efficient website with efficient workflows and roadmaps that could command the design processes.


Their customized wardrobe design arm required the setup of a full-fledged website that could handle design-related and user-related workflows without any hassle.

The website pilot process was to be iterative in order to build a roadmap that could be laid out for every project they worked on in the future. However, the iterations were more complex than they had anticipated. Furthermore, the entire backend of the website needed to be streamlined – a workflow was needed for the entire process.

A needs-analysis revealed the requirement of a solution that could polish the frontend of the website with customer profiles and product catalogs, in addition to a seamless backend that would handle the design jobs coming in from the website and get the right personnel assigned to them hands-on.

There was also the need to reduce the number of iterations being experienced for every version of the website in laying out the initial roadmap.

The Hubler Solution

While streamlining the entire workflow did specify the big picture, the micro-details of the requirement of each aspect needed to be looked at more closely. To this end, Hubler's No-Code platform delivered a custom-fit application with the following capabilities to address each problem area with a targeted solution.

Hubler identified the following core areas that had to be acted upon for implementation of a solution:

Managing customer
Managing inventory, products, and options data
Managing project execution


Hubler's No-Code platform offered them the Customer Master functionality. This tool was capable of sourcing details of customers who logged in to the website or registered on it.

The implement was capable of compiling data such as contact information, specifically, email addresses, phone numbers (if provided), addresses (if required), etc., and keeping it all ready in the event the team needed to get in touch with these potential clients.

It helped streamline customer management by means of keeping their data organized and accessible.


Being an interior design firm that is based online, customers majorly interact with the brand through online portals and by viewing catalogs that are available on the website. The subsidiary was provided with a tool for sorting and organizing its catalogs such that they could be presented to customers on demand.

The Catalogue Master implement offered by Hubler created a sorted, no-mess repository of all the catalogs of the firm pertaining to customized wardrobes. This made it easier to fetch the right catalogs whenever needed.


This implement was a customer-centric solution that allowed the professionals to create an organized repository of all the projects that their customers have created.Not only did this create a centralized hub of all the ongoing projects, but it also improved accessibility to information pertaining to a project which could be searched for based on the customer that it was created for.

The creation of a repository where every job is listed customer-wise greatly helped with the project management of the entire process.

Project Execution

The project execution solution Hubler implemented for the subsidiary was the most important solution that targeted workflows, assignments, tracking and order management, and website frontend all through one application. The four major functions that this solution performed were as follows:

  • Assigning leads achieved to the right sales or design personnel. The tool also helps them track the conversion progress or the position of each lead in the sales funnel
  • Assigning incoming projects to the Operations team. This way, it is easier to keep track of orders end-to-end.
  • Providing a channel for all internal communication, making it convenient to manage orders and projects. The same channel can be used for customer communications as well, such that all correspondence can be collated in an actionable way.
  • Holding invoices uploaded by the finance department.
The Impact and Value

The following outcomes made a big difference to the bottom line of their subsidiary project:

  • Upon implementation, Hubler's No-Code solution was able to monumentally reduce the time invested in the pilot run of the website. It also made it possible to test various iterations of the website in a shorter amount of time.
  • The Hubler solution digitalized the entire booking process and made it quicker, simpler, and easier, which assisted them with improving their conversion rates. Furthermore, the centralized customer database allowed easy access to teams whenever required.
  • It was also possible to now better manage the projects and resources because every aspect was digitalized, right from assignments to communications.
  • The turnaround time (TAT) of the entire implementation was 4 weeks total.
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