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Say goodbye to standalone solutions for lease management, lease administration, lease accounting and more.
Centralize, automate and manage your end-to-end leasing needs with Hubler.

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Lease Management

Approve lease contracts, maintain records, setup reminders for lease expiration dates, rent escalation

Lease Administration

Manage owner and property data, map all lease data, automate bank account verification

Lease Accounting

Calculate taxes (IFRS 16 , IndAS 116), collect unlimited invoices, payments, rent receipts, automate monthly utility bill payments, save financial records.

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Centralised lease management with Hubler

Your workflows, our blocks.
Let’s build a lease management software
that actually works for you.

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Don’t wait to develop
technical strengths internally. With Hubler, get started from day 0. Build, break and rebuild apps without any technical assistance.

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Scales with you

Meet the growing demands of a scaling business. With Hubler, anything that
works with 100 people also works with 1M.

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Turn agility into your
competitive advantage.
With Hubler’s no-code
platform, tweak and
update existing apps on
the go or build a new one from scratch.


V1 in 1 week

Tell us about your lease
management needs. We’ll turn around the v1 solution in a week, no matter how complex your process is.

Customize contract management

Need to verify the lease contract with your legal team before sharing? Want to add additional approvals when the lease agreement is updated?
Personalize it all with just a few clicks.

automate rental payment for lease management

Automate rental payments

With Hubler, lessees collect rent
without manually creating rent templates.
Automatically generate and send rent receipts. Provide multiple payment options.

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Map lease data

Centralize and leverage all data with Hubler. Map owner data to property, property data to lease IDs, lease IDs to contracts without any manual effort.

tas manager app for lease management

Schedule critical date alarms

Forgetting about lease renewal options, termination rights, rent escalation can become a costly mistake. Schedule reminders in Hubler and get notified at the right time.

hubbler platform to schedule reminders for lease management

Streamline lease accounting
and compliance

Automate payments, creating invoices with complex tax calculations (including IFRS 16
and AS 116) generating payment receipts, and more with Hubler.

Take care of utility bill payments, minus the hassle

Manage utility payments for your property from anywhere. Schedule payment reminders, automatically send bills to tenants, make one-click
payments with Hubler.

app to manage payment for lease management
hubbler platform to manage utility bill payments

Connect all systems with APIs

Verify legal credentials like GST, PAN, social
security, credit score, bank accounts via penny checks. Streamline payments by connecting with your bank accounts, cards, and POS systems. Use any external API with Hubler.

integrations available with hubbler platform

Meet the robust no-code platform behind your next lease management solution.


Collect any kind of data with custom forms and advanced field properties like formulas, ratings, QR code, etc.


Automate repetitive tasks by configuring the criteria, timeline, group of people and final actions in Hubler.

Native apps

All apps built on Hubler can be used on any Android or iOS device without tweaking the base code.

Real-time app simulator

Preview your apps before publishing. Make last-minute edits to enhance the user experience.

Enterprise Social

Engage employees with feeds, channels, groups, events and polls with Hubler’s Enterprise Social.

Custom dashboards

Stay on top of metrics that matter. Create custom analytics and MIS reports with Hubler.


Leverage Hubler’s direct integrations with Leading HR, finance, productivity
apps and ERPs or move data in and out of Hubler using APIs.

User console

Add, bulk upload and manage your employee information in a single place. Create team views, hierarchies, new user
groups, and much more.


Hubler is secure, employee-friendly, and built for scale. This means unlimited apps, employees, and integrations without any hiccups.

Swiggy automated
lease management of
400+ properties
with Hubbler.
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