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A proven suite of products to help your team transition into a remote work practice that’s easy and effective.

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Answer “What are you working on today?” without a 40 min call.

Huddles makes it easy to track daily goals and keep an eye on progress. Categorise your efforts into Tasks, Sprints or Projects, delegate different pieces and keep all your conversations neatly organised. Bonus: it’s got time sheets!


Attendance & Leaves

Swipe in, swipe out & manage leave requests on the go

Start your day and end it with simple swipes. Managers can easily check who is in and who is not. There’s an option to record geo-location. And it’s super-easy to apply for leaves, approve them or even check on your leave balances.


Employee Engagement

Engagement modules that transcend time zones

Strengthen company culture through a variety of engagement methods.  Create special interest groups, deploy content channels or choose from a variety of exciting engagement plays.


Hub Cast

Replace dry emails with an authentic, video-first medium

Make your leadership’s voice a part of your communication strategy. Unlike email or chat, Candid videos are incredibly authentic and relatable, bringing your workers much closer to your leaders.


Feedback Collection

Human-centric feedback tools to gauge morale

Collect feedback in a variety of ways. Deploy micro-polls and zap surveys. Schedule feedback loops at regular intervals. Use practical insights to gauge employee morale and be informed when your people need support.


Dynamic Leaderboards

Gamify work and make excellence exciting

Hubbler makes it easy to build leaderboards for your team. Choose your metrics, pick your parameters for success and let the games begin.


Meeting Scheduler

Cut through time zones & find the best slot for each user

Whether it's your daily scrum hour, a brainstorm session or a board meeting, Hubbler makes it easy for every participant to vote for slots that suit them. Skip the email guessing game and find the best time in 3 clicks or less.


Birthdays & Celebrations

Easily remember and celebrate special days

Whether it's birthdays of your employees, wedding anniversaries or a key milestone from your company’s past, Hubbler makes it easy to remember and celebrate these special days. Fun fact: We celebrate the birthdays (or deploy days) of some of Hubbler’s biggest features and product updates.

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