5 Ways No-Code Makes Your Business Better

July 29, 2022
Vinay Agrawwal
86% of organizations experience talent shortages and are unable to onboard the software engineers they need.

You can thus trust Gartner when they say there will be steep demand for software developers in the future, but no-code and low-code platforms will fill the gaps.

No-code and low-code platforms allow for swift development and mobilization of applications and software without the need for hiring rocket scientists to handle the backend (or even the front end).

They give you the flexibility your organization needs to expedite the delivery of products to your audience, improve your internal processes and workflows, and, in the long term, add to the bottom line.

Putting these capabilities into the context of competition in the market, no-code app development platforms sharpen your edges and iron out the creases in your organizational operations. Agility, resilience, flexibility, and augmented capabilities – you can enhance all these aspects of your business using no-code solutions.

Let’s take a detailed look at how you, as a business leader, can transform your organization with no-code software development platforms.

Note: Read to use a no-code platform? Try a demo and see how you can do it. Or explore all the solutions to see what fits your need.

No-Code: What’s Trending?

No-code application development platforms have made a big splash in the sea of global business. Adding weight to Gartner’s prediction, there was a significant growth of 23% in the no-code platform market in 2021 (Forbes); it is still going on an upwards trajectory.

Ever since their inception and adoption, these platforms have been involved in fulfilling various function-specific roles in and around an organization. However, this, too, is rapidly evolving.

Certain no-code platforms (like Hubler) equip your organization with a wider range of tools and capabilities to build not just a full-ownership automation function but also a full-fledged software/application from scratch and without code.

To think that you can release a fully functional app without having to code a single line isn’t a thing of the future anymore: it is happening right now.

According to Entrepreneur, the gap between the need for digital solutions for customers and the shortage of proficient software engineers is being plugged by the no-code and low-code markets.

This is precisely what drives the market for such solutions ahead: the empowerment of an organization to look after itself without the impending reliance on a software professional, who is already a scarce (and costly) resource.

The Advantages of No-Code to Businesses

What’s all the hype?

No-code takes out the “code” from the equation of software development. That does the trick. But is there more?

The five major advantages that your organization stands to cash in on from no-code are detailed below:

Efficient Operations

As a business leader and manager, it falls upon you to ensure that the gears of your organization are well-oiled and working as they are supposed to.

To that effect, you can utilize no-code solutions best to create automated process workflows that drive predictability, transparency, and efficiency across the entire chain.

A good example is plugging in a no-code solution for automating the invoicing department of your business for tasks like sending out timely reminders and notifications or updating the ERP database.

Involving Employees

True digitalization happens when the employees of your organization are empowered to automate their own tasks and workflows to add value to the entire machinery.

No-code solutions equip business leaders with the opportunity to let their employees join the bandwagon of digitalization. They can design digital solutions for themselves, helping speed up the throughput of their respective departments at little to no added costs.

For example, the design and marketing team could create a custom collaboration platform using no-code that lets them work on a marketing campaign that involves inputs from both teams.

Accelerate Digitization

Digitalization has more to do with adopting technology for process and workflow betterment rather than blindly automating your operations left and right.

As a business leader, your no-code solution gives you the capability to truly enhance all your business operations at the grassroots by creating individualized (but integrated and centralized) solutions for each aspect of your business.

You get the opportunity to set a technological undertone to all your operations that stand to give you the benefit of being a digital native.

Employee Engagement

Repetitive, mundane tasks are a siphon for employee productivity; they lead to frequent burnouts. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees stay engaged, productive, and stimulated mentally.

No-code solutions help you design the repetitive workflows to execute seamlessly and autonomously in the background, leaving your employees free to take up tasks that require critical thinking and heavy mental aptitude.

You can leverage no-code solutions to better allocate your human resources in this manner.

Eliminate Shadow IT

Shadow IT occurs when the IT landscape of your organization is largely unregulated. It leads to unauthorized or behind-the-scenes use of your IT resources that haven’t been officially sanctioned by the department.

This leads to unnecessary expenses and a security breach that could potentially harm the organization.

No-code solutions can help you build a framework that gathers all your IT resource access instances onto a single view, allowing you to supervise your IT resource utilization transparently.

No-Code: Best Practices

Remember: a tool is only as good as its user.

Being in the role of a business leader, it is essential for you to guide your workforce in adopting best practices for using no-code in the best way possible. Let’s look at a few best practices that can help you derive maximum benefit from your no-code tool:

Every Tool Has a Learning Curve

While they are touted as drag-and-drop interfaces, no-code tools still need some level of familiarization and learning to be able to use all the features they bring to the table.

Training might be in order; not as difficult to learn or deploy, but training all the same.

Break it Down

No-code is an extremely flexible, full-control platform for building things. However, that also means that larger projects could face mismanagement.

To avoid that, ensure that complex projects are broken down into manageable parts during development to get better visibility into the whole thing.

Connect with the Community

Each no-code platform has its own online community that shares resources, troubleshooting, and other information that your organization can benefit greatly from.

Ensure your team knows about this and uses it when needed to speed up the development process. Isolated development over no-code only leads to using more resources than necessary.

UI/UX Nuances

The role of UX and UI professionals varies. UX designers are highly involved in the fledgling stages of development, whereas a UI professional doesn’t step in until later. This creates a  gap in how these professionals interact with the platform.

Since no-code platforms rely heavily on easy-to-use components and interfaces, it makes sense to select a platform that allows you to either build your own interface or tweak the one that is already there.

Final Thoughts

No-code platforms are the way to onboard your organization to a digitally-native flagship.

By starting small, you can lead your organization into a zone where each employee understands how technology can transform the way they work.

It helps you prepare your workforce for the big gigs - the large-scale transformations that your organization would ultimately make one day.

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