Case Study

Farm-to-Home D2C Dairy Brand Automates Complex Operations Processes with No Code Software

About the company

The company is an online milk and grocery delivery platform with 500,000+ customers. They deliver from farm-to-home across 12+ cities in India and are well known for their scientific and innovative approach to dairy farming. Their technology driven farming and supply chain operations has valued the business at $800 Mn+ and growing.

3000+ employees
200+ centers
$300 Mn+ Funding
The Process

The company is a vertically integrated D2C dairy brand with presence across the country. They recently expanded from pure-play dairy to other groceries and farm product. Over the last 7 years, their revenue has grown from $1 Mn to $12 Mn+.

As a D2C farm and dairy brand, their supply chain, operations, and finance processes posed extraordinary challenges. No amount of ERP customizations could enable them to accommodate the diverse needs and technical capabilities of all the vendors and people involved in their operations. The Operations, Supply Chain. and Finance teams were constantly hamstrung by their software stack, slowing down various parts of their operations.

AP Challenges

The client was managing communications and Account Payable (AP) for multiple individuals and companies every month for their collection centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and plants. Missing lease payments, utility bill payments, or a breakdown in communication meant that any of these centers could be shut down, leading to a cascading effect on their finely tuned supply chain operations.


Managing multiple centers in different states posed challenges, because each had different billers and compliance procedures. Often, payments and reconciliations were dependent on complex contract terms. Managing all contracts and abstracting data from them to feed into different operations and accounting processes with just people, WhatsApp, emails, and spreadsheets was a disaster waiting to happen.

Invoices and TDS

Managing a large physical footprint meant that the client was often waiting for invoices. Each invoice had different Tax Deduced at Source (TDS) rates based on the nature of the business relationship and who the biller was. All of these processes were typically managed via spreadsheets. This created multiple reconciliation and financial issues at different stages of the AP processes.

The Hubler Solution

You can’t scale a retail brand by mashing an ERP, CRM, Google Sheets, WhatsApp, and email together.

The Approach

The client evaluated multiple approaches to solve their supply chain operations challenges. However, it was readily apparent that customizing their ERP was not the right way to solve this specific set of challenges. For one, a lot of the users involved in this process were external parties with varying degrees of tech savviness. Next, ERP customization for a process that was constantly in flux as the company added new centers all the time was time consuming and expensive.

The client decided that the best approach was to use Hubler's no-code applications for lease management, contract management, and lease accounting.

Lease Accounting and Management

Hubler’s ready-to-use no code Lease Management and Accounting software solved most of the client’s requirements.

With the built-in Landlord Portal and Contract Management modules, Hubler was able to quickly use the power of no-code automation for the client's Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance teams. 

Hubler configured all the intricate workflows that the client demanded so that all their teams could move away from random communication channels and spreadsheet data. Within a couple of weeks, Hubler software was ready with all lease, landlord, and contract data for the client.

The client was able to fully automate their lease management

Account Payable

  • The end-end Account Payable (AP) processes for their leased warehouses, collection centers, plants, and distribution centers were often complex. The necessary data was locked into a closed ecosystem.  Without a centralized source of truth, all employees were forced to use disconnected systems to review, verify, and make payments.

  • Hubler created and enabled an open data hub for critical lease-related data for the client, which dramatically eliminated leakages and speeded up payment processes. Today, this process is at the heart of the company's seamless supply chain operations.

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Tony Fernandes
CIO, DreamSoft
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