Case Study

Contemporary Jewelry Brand Lifts Bottomline and Operations with Multiunit Retail Software

About the company

The company is a new-age, modern jewelry brand. The brand operates 50+ retail stores around India, while maintaining a thriving ecommerce channel. The multiunit retail brand is well-known for its incredible customer experience and innovative designs, launching over 200 new designs every month.

1000+ employees
120+ outlets
$40 Mn+ Funding
The Process

The company operates 50+ owned retail stores in different parts of the country. While they had an ERP, it was impossible to manage the multiunit retail processes needed to run a large and growing presence in a diverse country. The Operations and Finance teams were constantly solving issues and firefighting, slowing down the launch and operationalizing of new stores.

In addition, the company has actively started growing through franchises. Franchising created a completely new set of complexities in onboarding, operating, and paying out franchisees.

Landlord Relationships

The client was managing communications with multiple landlords every month for their leased spaces. The landlord communication was entirely handled by different individuals within the Operations team. The lease contracts were also managed by individuals with their own processes. Often, lease contracts were not renewed on time or rental increases were not properly adjusted in payments.


Managing a large and growing retail footprint meant that the client was often waiting for invoices from landlords. In addition, mapping the received invoices to specific purposes and POs was time consuming. All of these processes were managed via spreadsheets and WhatsApp, which severely delayed lease payments to landlords and affected the company's ability to reconcile GST payments.

Franchise Management

The client had multiple franchising options, with their own unique spin. Determining franchise payouts was tricky and needed manual calculations and verifications against Point-of-Sale data and contract tiers. The company recognized that this manual franchise management process will not allow them to scale.

The Hubler Solution

You can’t scale a retail brand by mashing an ERP, CRM, Google Sheets, WhatsApp, and email together.

The Approach

The client evaluated different approaches to solving their multiunit lease management challenges. But their evaluation did not unearth existing solutions that could solve their challenges. The client also considered developing a solution from the ground up based on their requirements. But, the cost and lead times were high and demanded substantial time investment from their internal Operations and Finance teams.

The client decided that the best approach was to adopt a digital-first, agile approach to addressing their retail software needs. They chose Hubler’s no code app builder to build a suite of solutions for their retail operations.

Multiunit Lease Administration

Modules from Hubler’s ready-to-use no code Lease Management software for multiunit enterprises solved 80% of the client’s requirements. With the speed and flexibility of Hubler’s no code app builder, the client team and Hubler’s Solutions Consultants: 

1. Built a Landlord Portal for landlords to raise invoices.
2. Configured a Contract Management module to track and manage lease contracts.
3. Created workflows to automatically generate advice for rental, CAM, utility, and Security Deposit (SD) payments.

In less than a week, Hubler helped the client build and configure software to make payments on time and plug GST leakages. The client was able to fully automate their lease management, while enabling their Finance teams to generate journal entries without manual intervention. A collateral benefit was the ability to perform KYC for landlords right within Hubler’s no code software.

Franchising Growth

  • After their success with Hubler’s Lease Management software, the client decided to use Hubler for their multiunit retail software needs.

    Hubler’s Franchise Management apps seamlessly enabled the client to digitally onboard and KYC their franchisees. Contract data abstraction and integration with their Point of Sale data automated the monthly calculation of Account Payables for the franchisee, eliminating errors despite the complexity of the franchisee contracts.

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CIO, DreamSoft
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