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How this collaborative agriculture group Set up High-tech Field Force automation with Hubler

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About The Company

The company supplies agriculture products to over 300,000 farmers across rural India. It offers them a wide variety of products, including fertilisers, growth promoters, seeds, and saplings, among others. The company builds strong relationships with farmers to sell them with the right agricultural products. They spend a lot of time and money on nurturing these relationships, since these farmers prefer to do business only with people that they know and trust.

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The Process

Rural Indian farmers are technology averse and prefer doing business in person. So they deploy field agents to meet farmers, allowing them to take a consultative approach to their sales process. They need to travel deep into rural India, and meet farmers in areas with poor data connectivity. The field agent would run a survey to understand the farmer's needs, objectives and realities. After this, he would go ahead and prescribe the right  Agro products. The farmer would head to the closest distributor to place an order for the prescribed products.

The Challenges

The Digital Transformation Dilemma

They had tried using both off-the-shelf apps and software solutions built by IT companies. Both options had left them with bad experiences. Off-the-shelf apps had rigid workflows and lacked some of the features required by unique nature of their business. And solutions built by software development companies took too long to create, cost way too much money, offered poor UX and left them at the mercy of developer's slow timelines when they needed to make changes or fix something.

The Challenges

Poor data connectivity in remote regions

Given that each farm was in a remote area deep in the rural hinterland, agents could not use regular business apps to perform their duties. This made it hard for them to upload data (survey info and tests collected from each farmer) and download data (access info of each product from a list of 22,000 entries). The result? A frustrating experience when it came to recording or accessing information, which caused field agents to detest the using the apps.

The Problem

Rigid apps resulted in disrupted workflows

Given that their workflow was an extremely unique one, using readymade apps to manage it was proving to be painful. These apps forced the teams to work in a new way and disrupted their workflows. The learning curves were steep, the limitations many and the process cycle had only gotten worse instead of better. they required an app that would adapt to suit their existing workflow (instead of forcing them to use a new one that felt like a force-fit).

The Challenges

No real-time data

Given that they were using multiple disjoint apps on and off the field, their data was trapped in different silos across the org. This meant that when a leader wanted a report or access to data, someone had to manually extract the data from different systems and compile it into a report. The process took way too much time and required precious man hours to be wasted on repetitive manual work that was often error prone.

Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

G Ravi Teja
CEO, Blueseed Agro
The Solutions

A tailor-made solution with great UX and flexibility

Hubler allowed the agro group to build a solution that suited their existing workflow. They were able to shape the flow and add all the right features. Hubler ensured that their teams enjoyed great UX across iOS, Android and Web versions of their solutions. And given that Hubler is a no-code platform, They were able to make changes to the app on the fly, without writing a single line of code.

Powerful Offline and Low-Data

Hubler made it very easy for field agents to get their work done when data connectivity was not available. When an internet connection was not available, it allowed them to record and store data on their phones. When their phones were later connected to the internet, all the data stored on the phone would automatically sync with the data in the cloud ,and could be accessed by their central team.  Duplication of work or usage of paper forms could be completely avoided now. Managers from HQ were also able to see activity data of their field teams, which helped them analyze performance and make checks when required.

Software that shaped to suit their workflow

With Hubler, the agro group was able to build an app that adapted to their existing workflow. This meant that their employees received an app that felt natural and intuitive. They were also able to customize attributes and rules for different users based on their designation and location. For example, prices of products would be different for dealers and distributors, or even for users in two different locations based on the demand/supply factors for a specific product in that region.

Customized, Real-time dashboards for every need

With Hubler, each app for each business process offered customisable dashboards. This meant that the agro leaders could get real-time data from their operations at over a thousand locations. And that each team could customize the dashboard to see only the KPIs that were most critical and relevant to their function. This supply of relevant real-time data allowed them understand demand across markets, forecast sales more effectively and lead the organisation in the right direction.

Automated, instantaneous document generation

The Hubler app allowed the company's agents to generate a variety of documents from their mobile phones, on the fly. At the end of every workflow, on every Hubler app, the right document would be automatically generated. Agents could share these documents with a farmer or distributor on the spot. This ensured that templates and protocols for document generation were followed across the organisation.

In addition to this, agents could also use the app to check if a distributor has received all his products from an order, or if any of them were pending. They could also check to see if dealers had any outstanding payments for previous orders ahead of their visit.

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"Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

G Ravi Teja
CEO, Blueseed Agro
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