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How this clinical research company accelerated it's Case Management workflow by 2x in 6 days

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About the company

They are a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing Clinical Research, Bioanalytical and Training Services to over 170 clients across the globe. And they wanted to digitize their workflow and speed up their turn-around-times.

6k people
11 locations
3 countries
The Process

They receive hundreds of new research cases from its customers over email, on a daily basis. The company has to process these cases and assign them to the right department (they had 14 of them). Since the incoming volumes were high, they used a manual data entry system to handle their case management. This team would go through each email, process the case and then assign it to the right department. Because it was a manual and repetitive task, the process was slow and error-prone.

The Problem

Data entry was slow & expensive

Greenburn’s received hundreds of new test cases daily via email. A dedicated data-entry team processed each case and assigned them using spreadsheets. Since the volumes were too high, this part of the process became a chokepoint that slowed down turn-around-times. Process automation was the desperate need of the hour.

The Problem

Internal coordination was a huge time sink

Since each team was using different apps, keeping everyone in sync was a difficult task. One part of the process was run on email, the next on spreadsheets and the final part on an internal app. Owing to this, coordination between teams consumed a lot of time. And mix-ups and mistakes were very common.

The Problem

Using email reduced accountability and visibility

Internal coordination between researchers happened over email. Each user’s inbox was flooded with unread messages. Cluttered inboxes resulted in misses and mistakes. This reduced visibility greatly and made it hard to find information in long threads. Answering simple questions like “Who’s working on this case?” or “When is it due?” became incredibly hard, since users had to dig through their inbox to answer each question.

The Problem

Large volumes increased the chance of human error

They had signed different types of Service Level Agreements (or SLAs) with each customer. This meant that they had to deliver results to different cases based on the kind of SLA that was signed. Since the organisation was handling anywhere between 600 and 900 cases at any given point of time, it was easy to forget about a case or miss a deadline. Managers needed a way to ensure the right people were taking the right actions at the right time.

Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

S Murali
Head of Operations, Greenburn Clinical
The Solutions

Digital Transformation
delivered in 72 hours

They were able to use Hubler’s “drag and drop” interface to build an app and automate its entire workflow in record time, without writing a single line of code.

All teams on a single, connected workflow

The app connected the workflow of all teams and users who were a part of the process. Each user’s actions were in sync with the next, and the teams worked together in perfect harmony.

Super Customized: Every field, form, drop-down menu, rule and automation

They liked how they could customize the workflow, features, and rules according to their existing process and the realities of their organization.

Goodbye, data-entry.
Hello, automated case assignment!

Hubler employed bots to scan the hundreds of test case emails that came in every day. A process that used to take hours now took just a few seconds. And the number of errors was reduced by 92.7%.

Case assignment was automated

Bots scanned each email case and categorized them based on their content. The right cases were automatically assigned to the right team.

Managing cases had become incredibly easy

Each department leader could view all the cases assigned to him in one place. He could easily assign test cases to team members without having to send emails. Or reassign cases to other departments in seconds.

Intuitive interfaces and features for easier coordination

Hubler created a single app for the entire process. It ran across teams so that everyone could now work on a single connected workflow. 
Each team’s actions were in sync with the next. Each team had access to the most updated version of the process’s data.

Activity logs delivered a huge jump in transparency

Also, every action by every individual was noted on an activity log, which provided visibility on a test case and kept everyone in-sync.

The new interface made it easy to get updates on each case

Every case now had a clear owner and a status, boosting accountability. Managers could easily check on the status of each case using Hubler, without having to ask around.
Hubler gave the client's employees a huge boost in visibility - it also meant that teams had to spend less time on internal coordination over email.

Automated Reminders, follow-ups, alerts, re-assignments and more

Hubler allowed managers to set up customized reminders, alerts, and auto-escalations.

Bots delivered gentle nudges ahead of deadlines

Case owners would get reminders when due dates were approaching

Managers could set up fully customized alerts with the rule engine

Managers and team members would get alerts when someone missed a deadline

Cases were auto-escalated based on specific rules

Cases would be auto-escalated to managers if they weren’t started on time or if they were forgotten. Managers could choose when and how auto-escalation flows were triggered.

Time saved per employee
Process cost
Reduction in errors
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"Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

S Murali
Head of Operations, Greenburn Clinical
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