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How this leading fibre optic network provider automates its operations with Hubler

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About the company

FibreConnect, an independent operator, exclusively serves ISPs in Industrial and Artisanal Areas to promote innovation through ultra-broadband connectivity. They collaborate closely with ISPs to deliver network and service solutions in high-demand industrial areas.

While primarily based in Italy, they are expanding their operations to other EU countries.

The Process

FibreConnect is faced with critical scalability concerns following its expansion into other EU countries. These challenges highlight the urgency of automating the predominantly manual processes involved in onboarding partner ISPs, converting polygons into Access and Installation Agreements, managing network designs, permits, and overseeing the process of fibre cable installation and activation. The need for automation is evident as FibreConnect strives to efficiently expand network coverage and overcome these hurdles.


Data Management Hurdles

Handling data analytics at Fibre Connect had become an absolute nightmare. The sheer volume of data was mind-boggling, and each dataset was tangled up with an overwhelming number of data points. They gathered data on geographic conditions, market opportunities, competitors, and created a profitable product catalog - it was a Herculean task. But the real headache? It was trying to make sense of this colossal data mess and predict anything accurately.

Inaccuracies in the results weren't just costly; they were a recipe for disaster. These mistakes meant they couldn't see trends, opportunities, or patterns that could help them grow. It was a mess, and it had to change.


Inflexibility in System Integration

This fibre optic network provider company, in its pursuit of efficient operations, finds itself entangled in a web of complex systems, spanning sales, business development, budgeting, permits, design, and construction.

Unfortunately, their reliance on convoluted coding and point-to-point integration methods only adds to the misery.

The real problem emerges when they attempt to collaborate with external stakeholders. Instead of smooth interaction, they're greeted with inefficiency and a slew of challenges. It's clear that a more streamlined approach is urgently needed.


Complex and Ever-changing Processes

FibreConnect is grappling with what feels like one of the most colossal headaches in the telecom industry. When it comes to designing networks, they're in a constant battle with costs and projections, and the situation isn't pretty. These designs seem to change as often as the wind due to ever changing geography and ground level permissions.Additionally, there are essential functions like procurement, material storage, installation, testing, and activation, which, if not managed efficiently, add up to costs and complexity. It's a frustrating situation that demands a more streamlined approach.


Time-consuming Manual Operations

They were struggling with a serious deficiency in its operations. They lacked the essential tools for workflow automation and project oversight, leaving their employees with the burdensome task of handling everything manually.

Managing their extensive data became increasingly challenging and time-consuming as the business expanded, ultimately becoming an overwhelming burden for their team. This situation called for an urgent, more efficient approach.


High Operational Costs

Handling data validation, verification, and accuracy manually is a significant challenge. It's sluggish, costly, and error-prone. Plus, there's a critical need to ensure real-time updates across all systems for any changes in vital data points, or else the entire operation gets thrown into disarray.

To make matters worse, the absence of control over operational costs is a ticking time bomb for the organization's profitability. This situation is not just concerning; it's imperative that it be addressed promptly with a more efficient approach.

Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

S Murali
Head of Operations, Greenburn Clinical
The Solutions

Efficient Coordination
with Intuitive Tools

Hubler's innovative approach transformed the workflow, enabling real-time data sharing across teams. This ensured that different teams worked with the latest data, eliminating delays and data loss. Actions of each team seamlessly aligned with the next, providing everyone with access to the most up-to-date process data.

Enhanced Transparency through Activity Logs

An activity log meticulously recorded every action by individuals, offering complete visibility into the progress of each task and ensuring synchronization among team members.

Streamlined Updates on User Action

The updated interface designated clear owners for each action, complete with status updates that bolstered accountability. Managers could effortlessly track status of each action using Hubler, eliminating the need for constant inquiries. This not only significantly improved employee visibility but also reduced the time spent on internal email coordination.

Comprehensive Automation
for Task Management

Hubler introduced a suite of automation features that streamlined task management.

Proactive Reminders and Gentle Nudges

Through Hubler, managers had the ability to configure personalized reminders, alerts, and automatic escalation procedures. Task owners received timely reminders as deadlines approached, ensuring tasks were on track.

Customized Alerts with Precision

Using the rule engine, managers could establish tailored alert notifications. Team members and managers alike would receive alerts if someone missed a deadline, promoting accountability and timeliness.

Efficient Auto-Escalation Protocols

Specific rules governed the auto-escalation of action. If a task wasn't initiated on time or was neglected, it would automatically escalate to managers, who had the flexibility to determine the triggers and flow of these escalations.

Easy integrations
to external systems

Hubler empowered them to swiftly embrace digital transformation. Using Hubler's intuitive "drag and drop" interface, they created a tailored app and automated their entire workflow without grappling with complex coding.

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency Across Teams

The app seamlessly interconnected the workflow of all teams and users involved in their processes. This resulted in a synchronized workflow, where each user's actions seamlessly flowed into the next, fostering a sense of perfect collaboration and efficiency.

Tailored to Perfection: Adapting to Unique Needs

They appreciated the high level of customization Hubler offered, allowing them to tailor every aspect—be it fields, forms, drop-down menus, rules, or automations. This adaptability aligned seamlessly with their existing processes and organizational realities, enhancing their overall efficiency.

Time saved per employee
Process cost
Reduction in errors
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"Hubbler has helped automate a complicated, multi-level business process in 3 working days. Upon implementation, we registered an impressive jump in efficiency, transparency, and speed.

S Murali
Head of Operations, Greenburn Clinical
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