Automate Your Purchase Requisition Form on Hubler Platform

July 20, 2022
Vinay Agrawwal

Without purchase requisition software, purchase requisition can become challenging. Completely relying on older tools like paper forms, emails, and excel spreadsheets will significantly lower your efficiency and survival chances. Even a small error could lead to a procurement disaster that would take your company months to recover.

Many organizations are hesitant to switch from their manual requisition process, even though it directly affects the organization's bottom line. These organizations don't appear to understand that the more money they spend on procurement-related operations, the fewer resources are left for the rest of the organization to use.

In this article, learn what a purchase requisition form is, why create it on Hubler, and the steps to create and automate it on Hubler. 

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What Is a Purchase Requisition (PR) Form?

A purchase requisition form, also known as a purchase request, is an internal document employees use to request the purchase of goods to restock up on supplies.

The employee requesting uses the form to explain the purchase and why it’s needed. Then, the form is sent to another person, such as a procurement head, to review and approve the purchase. 

If the requisition is not approved, the person approving should explain the reason behind the denial. If approved, the requisition turns into a purchase order that is then sent to the vendor to formally request the products or services be delivered to the business.

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Steps To Create a Purchase Requisition Form

Step 1: Develop Your App

On Hubler, it's quite simple to develop the basic framework of your own purchase request app. You can make online forms, processes, etc. using our user-friendly visual workflow builder without coding and exactly how you want it.

Step 2: Modify the Form as Needed

When the initial purchase requisition form is made, you can modify its fields and include additional functionality to make it fully automatic. 

You can connect a field to a master database, declare exceptions, set conditional access, insert formulas, and do a lot more. 

The requester’s name, the department, the manager, the date of the request, and additional lines can all be automatically collected by a digital purchase request template to avoid manual errors.

Step 3: Apply Your Workflow

With Hubler’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, you may begin outlining a special workflow for your purchasing process, much like writing your ideas down on paper. You can now define the process flow, add stakeholders, provide permissions, impose rules, and do a lot more.

Step 4: Launch Your App

Launching the app and inviting stakeholders to use it is the process's last phase. You can still make modifications right away if necessary even after the app is live. Hubler allows you the opportunity to create the app of your desires while also allowing you to plug in content from other procurement software you use.

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Why Create an Automated Purchase Requisition Form on Hubler?

The main reasons to create an automated purchase requisition form on Hubler are as follows:

An Easy Drag-And-Drop Editor

Hubler is a user-friendly form creation that lets you quickly and easily create an extensive purchase requisition form.

Flexible Data Storage

For easy access, unmatched flexibility, and increased security, Hubler keeps all crucial purchasing-related documents in a cloud database.

Ease of Raising Purchase Request

Hubler uses a cloud-based self-service platform to assist staff in creating and submitting purchase requests directly from their accounts.

Intuitive Dashboard

With Hubler, you have total visibility of the purchase process with its user-friendly dashboard that provides all parties to the process with real-time, user-specific status updates.

Super Easy Integration

Through a seamless API interface, you can communicate easily with other procurement applications, HR management systems, and more.

Reform Your PR Form With Hubler

By creating automated purchase requisition forms on Hubler, organizations can automate the entire process, save management time, cut down on errors, and increase transparency. You can say bye-bye to all issues with the manual procurement process with a cloud-based purchase requisitioning tool and also keep it hassle-free.

Hubler helps multiple businesses automate their requisition management procedures. Our easy-to-use purchase request app decreases the time and effort stakeholders spend on paperwork, centralizes the purchasing data for quick access, reduces the possibility of spend abuse, and increases profitability.

Book a demo now and see how you can reduce the time and work you spend on purchase requisition forms.

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