Purchase Order System - How to Make It on Hubler Platform

July 27, 2022
Vinay Agrawwal

Remember the time you were buried in paperwork with stacks of purchase order documents that almost touched the ceiling? Not fun, right?

But what can you do to not get caught in that situation again? An automated purchase order system where data gets saved on the cloud. No paperwork needed!

Yes, paper-based purchases are easier to maintain. But only in the short run. In the long run, it’s a bother. Because the more purchases you have, the harder it is to track.

And that’s why it’s crucial to go digital and streamline your purchase process. But first, let’s take a refresher on what a purchase order system is.

What is a Purchase Order System?

A purchase order system is a software that manages all your purchases from requisition to vendor management to vendor payments. It not only manages your purchase but also takes care of the documentation around it.
The system also simplifies how you order for your store, giving you super easy templates to create purchase orders to send to your supplier.

Purchase order software is used to remove all redundancy from the process and improves purchasing efficiency.

But the question is whether your business needs it or not. 

Note: Ready to create a purchase order system? Try a demo to know how you can do it. Or you can explore our other solutions to see what fits your needs.

Is a Purchase Order System Essential For a Small Business?

A purchase order system might not be relevant to your small business if your purchase volumes are low. Because a low purchase volume means less confusion, which can be handled on Excel or Google Sheets.

Your business might not need every aspect of a procurement software at the moment but there are still essential purchasing inconveniences to avoid such as duplicate purchases and overspending.

How to Create a Purchase Order System on Hubler

Here’s how you can create it on Hubler:

Create Your Purchase Order Forms

Making digital forms is the first step in building a good purchase order system (purchase requisitions, purchase orders, etc). 

To gather the essential information, such as order details, vendor details, item pricing, etc., you may either design one from scratch or use automated buy order templates. 

The PO form you design using Hubler procure-to-pay can be totally customized to your company procedure.

Jot Down The Steps in The Process

Depending on the policy and business requirements, the purchase order process may vary from one organization to another. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of the activities and process flow before automating the process on a buy order system. Organizations can use this to find redundant tasks and processes.

Build The Purchase Order Workflow

It’s time to build the workflow once the digital form is prepared and you are aware of the actions you have to perform.

You can either make it a collect data or let the stakeholder examine the form and take action, depending on the process. 

It will be an input task for the requestor who starts a PO. It will be an approval assignment for the finance team to assess the purchase order by comparing it to the allocated budget and inventory. And the automated reminders will make sure the process is finished by the deadline and on schedule.

Specify Roles and Give Access

As soon as the workflow is complete, assign stakeholders and establish access restrictions. Depending on the position a person performs in the purchase process, certain tasks and responsibilities should be assigned.

In this case, the manager and finance staff who review the request simply require access to read order data, while the requestor may need access to input purchase details. While this may seem difficult to start, Hubler Procure-To-Pay offers simple toggling options.

Apply Your Purchase Order Workflows

Your purchase order forms are ready. Using a solid workflow, you have automated your tasks, you’ve set the roles and the rules. Now for the final step, hit that publish button and share it with the purchasing team.

Pro tip: First share it with a small team of people who take part in the procurement process. It’s to ensure everything works properly.

But this is not where it ends.

Get Feedback And Make It Better

After releasing the purchase order system to a bigger audience, it will automatically gather tons of feedback. 

If your purchase order system is missing the things pointed out in the feedback, make it your priority to fix those issues. 

But if it’s something big, you should roll back your release and work on improving it.

Why Us?

Hubler’s Procure-to-Pay is an easy DIY no-code platform that lets you create a complete procurement system without any coding knowledge. 

It lets you extract purchase order details easily from approved purchase requisitions. After that, it sends them to the approval loop without any human interference. The purchase orders are then stored in the cloud so it’s totally secure. 

What’s else? You can customize your purchase order system according to your business needs. Try a free demo to see how exactly you can do it!

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